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One Time Home Health Care has created software to help home health care agencies manage their processes on one platform. Home health care businesses have grown exponentially over the past few years as the need for home care has skyrocketed in the face of global pandemics. Quality software is needed as patients demand quality care as agencies work to meet increasing demand.

The software is designed to make running a home health care agency easier. Business owners can manage everything needed for compliance and operations all in one hub. Home health care agencies can experience more efficiency with simplified processes, intuitive dashboards, multiple department tracking, and billing, all while lowering costs and prioritizing patient care.

One Time Home Health Care software allows agencies to create positive experiences for both the caregivers and patients. The software can improve the work and care experience by improving data management by keeping all client and caregiver information in one easy-to-access place.

The software allows tracking and monitoring events in real-time by tracking hours and appointments. This ability allows agencies to manage payroll with simplicity to be sent to the payroll processing service of choice with one simple review and click of a button.

Thanks to the built-in tracking, billing patients is easy through clear documentation of claims and appointments to reduce agency efforts while improving accuracy and efficiency. Billing departments can easily send bills to different clearinghouses for processing. The ease of the billing features reduces errors and client pain points.

Compliance is at the forefront of creating the One Time Home Health Care Software with a partnership with a state-approved and certified electronic visit verification through IVR and mobile app technology. The EVV solution tracks patient visits, including dates, times, locations, and services provided, helping ensure compliance with CMS’s approved electronic visit verification, Pa DHS, HIPAA, 21st Century Cures Act and state regulations.

Home health care agencies can connect all aspects of operations with the software that includes all departments such as coordination, human resources, payroll, and billing in one easy-to-use platform. It allows for simplicity in management and streamlining the workflow for increased accuracy, efficiency, and improved experiences for caregivers and patients alike.

Save time and resources by partnering with One Time Home Health Care Software. You can request a demo and test One Time Home Care’s software for free.

We are certified to operate!

We are just getting started, and we are already certified with the State of Pennsylvania to serve Electronic Visit Verification for PCS and HHCS and our next states will be Delaware, New Jersey, and New York

  • Pennsylvania
  • Department of Human Services
    Sandata Aggregator
  • Delaware
  • Delaware Health and Social Services
  • New Jersey
  • Department of human services Division of Medical Assistance & Health Services
  • New York
  • NY Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification Program (EVV)s

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